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Join Positive Energy Dance Company at Queen Bees for top-notch salsa and bachata lessons with former dance champions Michael and Rosey. Our classes emphasize artistry, connection, and passion, and we offer both group and private lessons to suit your needs. Discover the joy of Latin dance with us!

Salsa Sundays (Social)

Hosted by: Positive Energy Dance Co.

Looking for the best salsa and bachata lessons in town? Look no further than Positive Energy Dance Company at Queen Bees! Led by Michael and Rosey, former dance champions in Latin rhythm, our classes are designed to help you master these exciting dances in a fun and supportive environment.

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Positive Energy's Dance Teachers

At Positive Energy Dance Company, we believe that dancing is about more than just learning the steps. It's about connecting with your partner, expressing yourself through movement, and feeling the energy of the music. That's why we focus on teaching not just the technical skills, but also the artistry and passion that make these dances truly come alive.

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