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Fitness Journey


Pole Buzz

Strength, Flexibility, and Self-expression

Pole Buzz at Queen Bees is a dynamic and inclusive fitness studio offering pole dancing and other fitness classes. Founded and managed by Lorena, a seasoned Senior Instructor, this studio provides a safe and welcoming space for individuals of all genders to explore their fitness journey. With a strict but fair cancellation policy, a focus on personal responsibility, and a commitment to quality instruction, Pole Buzz is the ultimate destination for those looking to empower themselves through movement and strength. Additionally, pole dancers can conveniently purchase equipment through our online store on our website.

Who We Are

Our studio offers a diverse range of classes, with pole dancing as our signature offering. Our belief in personal responsibility is evident in our strict cancellation policy – we require reservations to be canceled at least 8 hours before class to avoid losing credit. This policy, while rigorous, allows us to maintain the high quality of our classes and accommodate as many dedicated participants as possible.

At Pole Buzz, we prioritize self-sufficiency, encouraging participants to bring their own essentials like yoga mats, water, towels, and 70% isopropyl alcohol for pole classes. This helps ensure a hygienic and well-equipped environment for everyone. While we do offer some limited supplies for purchase in-studio, including alcohol, towels, and grip aid, we don't provide yoga mats.

Pole Dance Staff




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