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Swing into the Groove: Your Ultimate Lindy Hop Help Guide

Mastering Lindy Hop and Helpful Tips**

Introduction to Lindy Hop:

Lindy Hop is a lively and energetic swing dance style that originated in the 1920s in Harlem, New York. It's known for its joyful and improvisational nature. Whether you're a complete beginner or seeking to enhance your Lindy Hop skills, this guide will provide you with the tools and tips to excel.

1. Lindy Hop Basics:

- Learn the fundamental steps and rhythms of Lindy Hop.

- Understand the swing-out, the foundational move of Lindy Hop.

- Practice your footwork and partner connection.

2. Mastering Lead and Follow:

- Explore the essential principles of leading and following in Lindy Hop.

- Develop clear communication with your dance partner.

- Improve your connection and responsiveness on the dance floor.

3. Adding Style and Flair:

- Discover techniques for adding personal style to your Lindy Hop.

- Embrace the playful and improvisational aspects of the dance.

- Work on your rhythm, musicality, and expression.

4. Common Lindy Hop Mistakes to Avoid:

- Identify and rectify common errors that beginners often make.

- Tips for maintaining proper posture, balance, and frame.

- Troubleshooting tips for smoother dancing.

5. Lindy Hop Resources:

- Recommendations for online tutorials, books, and classes.

- Finding local Lindy Hop clubs and events.

- Tips for practicing Lindy Hop on your own.

Part 2: Swing is Back at Queen Bee's Every Tuesday with Mercede Moore

Introduction to the Event:

Get ready to swing back in time and join us for an unforgettable evening of Lindy Hop and swing dancing every Tuesday at Queen Bee's! Our experienced and passionate instructor, Mercede Moore, will guide you through the world of swing dance.

1. Meet Mercede Moore:

- Learn about Mercede's background in swing dancing and teaching.

- Understand her teaching philosophy and approach to Lindy Hop.

- Get inspired by her dedication to preserving and sharing this dance form.

2. Event Details:

- Date and Time: Every Tuesday

- Location: Queen Bee's

- Schedule: Swing lessons followed by social dancing.

- Pricing $15 for the class and social / $10 just for the social dance.

3. Why Swing Dancing?

- Explore the benefits of swing dancing for physical and mental well-being.

- Emphasize the social aspect and sense of community in swing dance events.

- Share stories of how swing dancing has positively impacted participants.

4. Spreading the Word:

- Tips for promoting the event on social media platforms.

- Inviting friends and family to join the swing revival.

- Encouraging others to experience the joy of Lindy Hop at Queen Bee's.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

- Answers to common questions about Lindy Hop, the event, and what to expect.

- Information on attire, dance levels, and whether you need a partner.


Whether you're looking to become a Lindy Hop pro or simply want to enjoy a night of swing dancing, this guide has you covered. From mastering Lindy Hop basics to promoting the swing revival at Queen Bee's, we invite you to swing into the groove and embrace the rhythm of this iconic dance style. Join us every Tuesday for a memorable experience filled with music, dance, and the joy of community!

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