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Meet the Queen

Queen Bee’s is the perfect venue for concerts, dance, art and special events.

Something amazing happens after the first conversation with Alma about planning your event. Whatever the occasion … business, pleasure, formal, casual,  or an intimate gathering Alma knows very well that pulling off an incredible event can be a lot of work.  At the Queen Bee Art and Cultural Center her experience tells Alma that the success is in the details: the behind-the-scenes planning, organizing, budgeting, strategics, and promoting, just to name a few, all the things that go into creating the perfect event. Whether you’ve planned multiple events or planning an event is a new concept to you, working with our team,  you’ll do it in less time with less stress with her team.

The Queen Bee will make your planning for banquets and receptions event simple by focusing on meeting all of your needs; whether it be for that special day you have dreamed about since you were two or an anniversary celebration, because we want every part of your experience to be just as you envisioned and provide you with the highest level of satisfaction while creating a stress free affair that will be remembered for years to come!

Our mission is to support local musicians & artists by opening up our space to a wide variety of concerts & events. 

The Cultural Center formally celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2013. Reflecting on the milestone, and being a native of Puerto Rico, the entire experience has more than surpassed Alma’s initial expectations.

To date, Queen Bee’s has hosted more than 100 non-profit fundraisers and community events. Additionally, the center has been a destination for hundreds of artistic programs that include concerts, private events, art shows and dance classes.

While the events are disparate, her desire is to host programs that inspire people and promote personal expression. Inclusiveness is the overarching theme within the organization.

San Diego’s hidden gem for hundreds of artistic programs

The main room, with a capacity of 250, contains our main-stage, and a huge dance floor, as well as several walls for hanging artwork. The main room features a bamboo hardwood dance floor, custom ceiling fans, crystal chandeliers, multi-colored walls, comfortable padded chairs & couches, and more, in a warm, inviting environment. Queen Bee’s boasts a professional-grade concert sound system, capable of entertaining up to 300 guests at full volume. Our stage is large enough to hold a 15 piece band.

Queen Bee’s has a resident sound engineer on staff with over 20 years of experience to handle all the technical parts of any concert or production.In addition to the main room, Queen Bee’s also has an awesome dance studio in the back room.  With mirrored walls and hardwood dance floor this room is perfect for  dance practice, lessons, and recitals.  Small parties as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a secondary sound system which is capable of either background music, or acoustic performances as well.Amid the work, Rodriguez said she is grateful for the opportunities that have arisen in the past years. “I still pinch myself sometimes and wonder if this is all a dream,” she said. “The path has been very incredible.”

Since Alma has opened her doors to the community of North Park and the entire county of San Diego, she has joined the Board of Directors for North Park working to enhance the community around and helped create an area that is a wonderful place to visit, shop, eat and enjoy art of all types.

Queen Bee’s donates a portion of its income to local foster children

Not only has Alma opened her doors to the of artists of the area and the entire community, she has opened her heart as well, helping out the youth of the area to make them better citizens and community members. Queen Bee’s donates a portion of its income to local foster children and homeless youth through various organizations.

As the Queen Bee, I continue to develop programs to give hope to homeless and disadvantaged youth here in San Diego. Being a mother of four children, I had to be the provider for many more mouths than one woman should be able to feed. I know the kids still out there, more than ever, needing help and support and to become involved with positive influences in life, such as art, music, theater, dancing, and other forms of self expression. The Queen Bee offers all of that to them here at Queen Bee’s free of charge. Qualified sound engineers teach the kids about running live sound, recording, and equipment handling. Being an art gallery, the walls are constantly in need of repair, and the kids get some work experience volunteering for these small jobs.

Today more than ever the Queen Bee’s vision is:


“Through Art, Culture and Community we can Empower our Youth to Make Social Changes.

Pollinate the Planet at Queen Bee’s!”

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